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May 6, 2015

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Do you ever feel like your dog or cat needs to earn their keep?  I feel like that every single time I take our dogs to the vet, to the dog groomer, to the doggy hotel, or buy them a 40 pound bag of non-grocery store brand dog food!  Ugh, they are so expensive!!!  Frequently I can be overheard telling my husband that either the old dog or the puppy needs to get himself a J-O-B!  I am kinda kidding, but I'm kinda not!  The puppy, that is a whole other story.  He has torn so much stuff up I am running a tab for him, and he may need 2 jobs to pay for all the stuff he has destroyed.

Well nevertheless, I thought I would share with you one job that our older dog (Bruin) does and has done from time to time for me, year after year; and is actually quite good at it and thus earns his keep around here.  It's testing lighting and backdrop set-ups!  I may shoot indoors with strobes and a backdrop a couple of times a year, so when I do, I like to practice my set-up before hand!  And using Bru Dog, as we call him, while the kids are away at school and the puppy is in the crate - is pretty darn easy.  He will sit, pose, and make faces for you, and he doesn't even require a treat!  Even though he has a ton of gray now, we still think he's quite handsome.  And did I mention, since he's old he never ever ever chews and of the photo equipment up?!

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After I figured out that this backdrop and lighting was going to work, I needed to add in a couple of other props.  And although Bruin is super easy to work with; it's impossible to get him up on a stool or to get him in a wagon.  So I had to call in model #2.  One of the many dolls we have lying around this house just waiting for the puppy to chew them up.  This was the oldest chickie's 1st Cabbage Patch doll that she was so excited to get, and now hardly ever plays with her.  Well, I found a way to put her to good use too!  I didn't have to give her any doggy treats either.

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Well, thanks for visiting and allowing me to have a little fun.  Tomorrow, I kid you not, I am taking Bruin to the vet for his annual visit.  Let's hope he earned enough credits serving as my model to cover the cost of his vet visit.  Ha!!!!

PS - If you want to see the actual session I used this set-up for, it's below.  Until next time!

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