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September 12, 2016

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This year is like so many years past, where it seems like it is going to stay as "hot as fish grease" outside for like forever.  Then one night you go to sleep with the air conditioning set at what it's always set at during summer, and then you wake up with icicles on your nose, and then you walk out the front door with no jacket on, and you feel a chill; and then you look around and lo and behold ya'll, the leaves have started to change colors!!!!  Whaattttt?????  Well, that was my truth last week. Had to tell my husband to re-program the air conditioner, because goodness knows, I have no idea how to do that, and I had to look for a couple of light sweaters so I wouldn't freeze to death in the morning.

So saying all this to say, it is time for me to remind ya'll with this month's blog that fall in Colorado is an amazingly gorgeous time to schedule your family photos.  It was also a cue to me to blog this amazing fall session that I did almost about this time last year.  If you don't know me, I am all about connections and the family that graced my camera, connected with me through one of the amazing Mama's in my tribe.  The family's oldest daughter contacted me because they wanted to set up a session to celebrate a special birthday their mom just celebrated.  I won't tell you which birthday it was, I'll keep you guessing, and you will never ever guess correctly, because Momma looks amazing, as you can see above ^^ and  from the moment I met this family I loved them.  You'll see why in a bit, but I'll start with these fun, witty, gorgeous daughters of theirs.

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What was so special to me about these young ladies is that they are the same age difference as my daughters - 3 years apart; and this hour with them allowed me to get a glimpse of what my girls will be like when they are 19 and 16.  I saw the same personality traits between oldest and youngest, the same ways of interaction, and the same fierce love that I see between my girls, who are now 7 and 4.  I was fascinated and at the same time excited that there was hope for me and my husband to survive with these crazy girls throughout their teen years, ha! I'm sure you could guess, but R, at the very top is the oldest and L is the youngest.

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Next up was Mom and Dad, and just observing their relationship, I just knew why their family had something special.  Dad was hilarious, and kept me informed of the college football scores, and Mom was just as loving and warm as she could be.  When things work well with these two folks, then the rest of the family just follows their lead.

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Now remember what I said about Dad being hilarious; he was, but he can also do a really good tough guy impersonation, and be tender and loving too!  You'd never guess, but the conversation going on during this part of the session was about the triumphs and challenges of having teenage drivers in the house.  (insert smiley crying emoji), because I'm almost positive we will be having this same conversation in our house, especially with our youngest daughter based on how I think she will drive.  Ruh roh!!!!

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I just couldn't resist including Dad at his funniest in this blog post.  I could barely even hold my camera straight I was laughing so hard.  But we also can't leave out these precious moments with Mom and the girls.  Just so much love being shared.  I know one day my girls will call me just to chat and to have lunch together like these girls do with their mom, but right now, I'm just trying to get out of the house in the mornings without one of them letting the dog loose into the neighborhood which causes screaming and crying to ensue (mostly from me).  

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As we were wrapping up the session, the light just got even more gorgeous and we ended with this last shot with Mom and her girls.  I was so grateful for my time with this family, and I am even more grateful that my girls got to spend time each week this summer, with big sister R.  She is an amazing, caring, fun, and attentive nanny and I was ecstatic that my girls did not scare her away!  

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I hope you can see the beauty in the changing leaves during fall in Colorado, as well as the beauty in capturing special moments with family.  Until next month my peeps!

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