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May 9, 2016

_Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session5

Last fall I shot this gorgeous Newborn Lifestyle Session and it was super special because this lady was one of my first friends when we moved to Highlands Ranch.  I have shared a few photos from this session, but I figured what better time to blog this session than in celebration of Mother's Day.  Baby S just made 6 months old, and for all of you that have had a newborn, you know making it to 6 months old is reason to celebrate!  Your little is now "kind of" sleeping through the night, they are smiling lots, they have started to show their little personality, and you may have regained some of your brain cells back that you lost during those first 3 months! 

For all you moms that are past this stage, you still have reason to celebrate, and it may be for just surviving one day with a busy getting into everything walker, a terrible 2s tantrum in Target, a threenager power show down, and  the list can go on and on; but you should feel free to celebrate too!  Just because you survived another day!  As a famous author says, "We can do hard things" and we do it everyday just by surviving motherhood.

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Before you really dive into some of my favorite images from this newborn lifestyle session, I have to point out the reason that I only shoot newborns in this fashion.  The reason is this - I love to see families in their own element, where they are comfortable, relaxed and I can get a glimpse of just how much they love this little being that they are welcoming into the world.  The images are raw, natural, and filled with love!  See above photos of big sisters helping me test the light!

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And the photos above - all captured while Mom was getting ready! Another win for lifestyle photography.  And another win...You don't have to go anywhere - I come to you.  So really, all you have to do is open the blinds and throw all your mess in the closet.  I don't take pictures of your closet, nor do I even go in there.  See, easy peasy!

  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session6
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session7
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session8
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session9

And my final plug for lifestyle...We capture the photos in special rooms in your house; yes even the nursery that you spent so much time decorating and probably won't really use for a year because the baby is sleeping in your room - yes I know from experience!

  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session10
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session11
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  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session13
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session14
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session16
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Newborn Lifestyle Session17

And with that, Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful friend. Congratulations on making it 6 months after birth; and for that matter, congratulations on every day you survive this journey called motherhood with 3 girls.   Thank you for inviting me in and allowing me to capture these moments.  I know you will treasure them every Mother's Day to come. <3

Makia Images is a South Denver family photography business also specializing in maternity, children, lifestyle, senior and extended family sessions; as well as event photography.  Service areas include Denver, Colorado; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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