Makia Images 2015 Year in Photos | Highlands Ranch Colorado Family Photography -

Makia Images 2015 Year in Photos | Highlands Ranch Colorado Family Photography

January 4, 2016

First Client and Last Client

As is typical of me in years past, I spend the entire month of January saying, I just can't believe it's 20XX, I continue to write the previous year on checks and any other documents I need to sign and date, and in general, I'm like, how did last year pass so fast?!  Well, 2016 is no different, and I keep thinking, is it really 2016?!  If in fact it is 2016, it is time for me to start off with my annual goal of consistently blogging and sharing my photography work along with my great humor and quick wit, hehe...But in all honesty, by about late fall, I will have fallen off the wagon and my blog will go silent until the beginning of 2017. Insert smiley crying emoticon.

We had a great year personally, celebrating so many things...kindergarten graduation, a 40th birthday, a 10 year wedding anniversary, completing my first season in the sport of triathlon (hard to believe huh?) and so much more.  But since this blog is about business, I'm going to recap Makia Images' first full year of doing business in the great state of Colorado.  For all of you entrepreneur types, you probably already know how hard it is to start a business and run it, and I basically started all over from scratch after our move from Indy.  Needless to say I poured a lot of sweat equity into this year; in addition to being a wife, mom, dog walker, errand runner, elementary school volunteer, mail grabber, house keeper (well I'm really bad at this part), dinner maker, grocery shopper, beginner triathlete, you get the picture!  

Because I need to see the evidence myself to prove that I actually accomplished something, I thought I'd share my 2015 in pictures.  Absolutely none of this would be possible without my amazing clients, many of which are friends, and fellow moms that have been a welcomed addition to my life as well and I am so thankful for them.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorites that I can share:

  • DSC_8509
  • DSC_8794
  • DSC_9219
  • DSC_3681-2
  • DSC_3085-2
  • DSC_2984-2
  • DSC_5025
  • DSC_5211
  • DSC_5423
  • DSC_6021
  • DSC_6111
  • DSC_6114 edit
  • DSC_6479-2
  • DSC_6801-2
  • DSC_6917-2
  • DSC_7150
  • DSC_7355
  • DSC_7927
  • DSC_7958
  • DSC_8424
  • DSC_8620
  • DSC_8834
  • DSC_9396
  • DSC_9713
  • DSC_0013
  • DSC_0556
  • DSC_0807
  • DSC_4839
  • DSC_4921
  • DSC_5185
  • DSC_4673
  • DSC_4680
  • DSC_5389
  • DSC_5609
  • DSC_6477
  • DSC_6568
  • DSC_6788
  • DSC_6812
  • DSC_6991
  • DSC_6997
  • DSC_7974
  • DSC_8190
  • DSC_8547
  • DSC_8617
  • DSC_8685

Ha, it limited the amount of photos I could place in a collage, oh well, you'll just have to stay tuned for more recaps of some of these sessions throughout 2016.  And one more thing before I sign off.  As I continue to work and learn more and more about creating this art and running a business in this industry, I constantly try to remind myself that this type of work is about the journey - reflecting on where I have come from,  how much I have grown, to where I am now.  Because let's be honest, putting your creative stuff out there all the time is a little scary - well a lot scary in some cases. So I'm going to put on my big girl panties, and be brave, and share a few photos from the very first family session that someone actually paid me money for.  Gulp...and as I said, thank goodness for growth.   And thank you for this wonderful family that let me experiment on them!  We are actually still friends ;-)  

(I'm pretty sure I shot this entire session on "Auto" and did not know much of anything about editing! )


See you back here, same place, next month! And remember, according to some meme I found on Facebook, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill.  So get out there friends and start putting your hours into whatever it is that makes your heart scream!

Makia Images is a South Denver family photography business also specializing in maternity, children, lifestyle, senior and extended family sessions; as well as event photography. Service areas include Denver, Colorado; Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Aurora, Colorado; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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