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February 26, 2016

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If you were ever curious as to what a married mom with young kids does on a Friday night, well let me enlighten you. When we're not running kids around (in my case cheer mom duties); we really know how to have a good time.  For me, that meant serving with other adults at one of the most amazing events I have ever experienced - #NighttoShine.  You're probably asking, what is that?!  Well keep reading...  

Here is the description from the Tim Tebow Foundation's Web Site. "Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 16 and older. On one night, February 12, 2016, more than 200 host churches in 48 states and 7 countries hosted Night to Shine. More than 70,000 volunteers and 32,000 honored guests shared the same amazing prom experience on the same night around the world."

If you can't really imagine what that looks like.  Look at all the amazingness we got to experience at Southeast Christian Church in Parker Colorado.  First, the volunteers.  I'm sure there is an accurate count, but really, there were like a million smily, happy volunteers. Here were just a handful of them, waiting in anticipation for their buddy to arrive.

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Then there were the amazing guests of honor, that spent so much time getting in just the right outfit, getting their hair just right, and arrived ready to have a fun time. 

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And then the Red Carpet entrance complete with Limos, and paparazzi!  The guests rocked the red carpet better than any celebrity I've seen!

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So if you think that's amazing...there's more,!!!  Here's one of my friends I met, Todd.  We had a great talk about which prizes were the best.  Of course anything related to the NBA, is my first choice.  Then there was lots of fun, competitive games, and who doesn't love a little competition.

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Then the main event - the crowning in which each guest received their princess or prince crown. The expressions were PRICELESS. And then the entertainment.  Beautiful singing and dancing to Adele, some classic MJ (that's Michael Jackson for those of you that just aren't in the know), amazing dancing to "Watch Me" (that's Whip Nae Nae for  you unhip people); and some good ole karaoke.  Most requested song of the night..."Let It Go"!  

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And last, but certainly not least; the dance party at the end of the night, was awesome sauce!!!!  Just look for yourself.  And if you've ever wondered; it is extremely hard to hold your camera still and shoot, while the best dance music is bumping through the speakers!

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My message to the Tim Tebow Foundation, "well done, good and faithful servant." What an awesome, amazing feat of love, service and creativity.  I know I am not the only one that will keep these memories with me forever. #NighttoShine

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