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October 24, 2016

_17 Mile Farm Centennial CO Holiday Mini Session3

My last blog post was titled, "Is it Really Almost Fall?", so in that same vein, I'm asking myself, is it really almost (insert whatever your favorite holiday is---Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years).  Why yes, yes it is...the holiday craziness is almost upon us, and if you know of any photographers besides myself, please give them a hug.  The reason they need a hug is that they are likely super busy photographing as many families as they can possibly squeeze in just in time for Mom and Dad to either send out those super cute Holiday cards with their latest perfectly cute family photo or send photos as gifts to distant family.  

If you are looking around, like wait, whaatttttt, "I want to send out one of those cute Holiday cards this year with my perfectly behaved kids, dogs, and spouse"  but you haven't even figured out how to use the self-timer on your fancy camera or didn't plan a full family photo session this year, then this blog post is for you.  Why you ask?  Well, because a mini session may be perfect for you.  Mini Sessions are defined slightly different ways by individual photographers, but for me it is a quick 30 minute update that captures the current mood of your family.   Mini Sessions are perfect for families that want a few updated photos that they can make personalized Holiday greeting cards or gift prints or products to give to family and friends for the Holidays.  You probably want to see an example of how this all works?  Well you know I'm always good for an example!  See my gorgeous mini session family below...   

_17 Mile Farm Centennial CO Holiday Mini Session2

I met this cute little family through a friend, and they specifically wanted a quick update of them and their little guy, and they wanted to send out super cute Holiday cards.  So, as you can see, they came dressed perfectly for the occasion!  We also got really lucky in that it had snowed the week before and snow was still on the ground, so we had the benefit of a "snow session" but it was really 50-something degrees outside!  Totally my kind of snow session!   

  • _17 Mile Farm Centennial CO Holiday Mini Session1
  • _17 Mile Farm Centennial CO Holiday Mini Session4
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We still do a variety of poses, not as many as a full session and not as many backgrounds; but look at all that we ARE able to do in 30 minutes!  Awesome right?!  And I'll even let you throw snowballs at me, if you promise to not hit my camera! And one more disclosure I need to make...this may have been the easiest 2 year old I've ever photographed, I mean in my whole life!   For my other clients with 2 year olds, please don't get bent out of shape, but as you can see, he was just EASSSSYYYYYY....And below, this one came from the last set before we ended the session.  

_17 Mile Farm Centennial CO Holiday Mini Session9

So there ya have it friends...This is why a mini session may be for you!  Oh, and just know, that if you do a Holiday mini session with me, you are obligated to send me a Holiday card!  And I will text you if I don't get one, ha!  Kidding, not kidding...

See you next month!

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