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June 13, 2016

_Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session3

If you are a parent of kids anywhere between pre-school and high school ages, you need to give yourself a pat on the back if you made it through the end of the school year and you actually have the energy to read a blog post, or read anything longer than a traffic sign for that matter.  You made it!  That is cause for celebration because between the end of school year art shows, music performances, spring sports banquets, field days, classroom parties, teacher gifts, time spent digging through "lost and found" one final time it could really make a momma or a daddy lose their minds!  If they were even in their right mind to begin with.  This blog post is for those special mommas and daddy that are so close to being done with the end of school year rat race; yes, those parents with kiddos that are about to start their senior year of high school.  You are in for a whole other level of crazy!  (insert smiling, crying emoji)

I don't even know what all you "parents of soon to be seniors" have on your list, but one of the most important things is getting senior photos taken care of!  Yep, senior photos already.  But, you say, "Senior year hasn't even started yet".  My response, nope, but before you know it October will be here and with it, the deadline for submitting your senior's yearbook photo, and you will already be behind the "8-ball".  So, take some advice from me...get those senior portrait sessions booked now, with your favorite photographer - preferably with me!  And since it's time to start planning for your session, I thought I'd share one of my senior sessions from last year to show you what this looks like.

_Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session1

Meet Ms. D.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to D and her mom through a great friend of ours. When we first met, and I found out what a well rounded and beautiful young lady she is, my first thought was this is going to be Amaze Balls!!! Hehe... If you look below you will see why!

  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session2
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session5
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session4
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session8
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session6
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session7
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session10
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session11
  • _Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session12

And these were just "a few" of my favorites!!!  What I love about these senior sessions, as opposed to the old school way of going to the studio like we did in 1992 (yes I'm dating myself); is that these sessions are personalized so the senior gets to show all the aspects of their personality that are important to them!  We did different backdrops, outfit changes, and even got a few with little brother!!!  

_Highlands Ranch CO Thunderridge High School Senior Session9

This collage I saved for last, because it just may end up being the most special to D and her family.  D is obviously a very talented athlete, and this year her high school basketball team, ThunderRidge Girls Basketball won the 2016 Girls 5A Championship.  What a once in a lifetime experience!  Momma will want to blow one of these basketball photos up big!!! LOL...

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into a senior session; definitely a different experience than the typical studio session where you wear a "loaner" cap and gown...So...if your senior wants to get out of the studio, go on location, and show all the unique aspects of their personality; shoot me an e-mail (!  I'd love to chat with you! And don't wait too late because early October is the deadline for submitting most school yearbook photos.  See you next month!

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