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October 30, 2017

Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-6

I'm almost in disbelief that I am even about to write this blog in celebration of our Godson/Cousin's senior year in high school.  I think it's so hard for me to believe, because when we moved to Indy, back in 2010, this kid was just 10 years old.  He was a glasses wearing, ESPN magazine carrying, easy going tween that seemed happy to have some new family moving into town.  We had been in town for less than a week, and needed a break from unpacking so we decided to go to the Indiana State Fair (hands down my favorite state fair). We called to see if HD (that's his nickname) wanted to go with us, he said yes, and he jumped right in our car with his ESPN magazine and we had the best time!  I still have a few pictures as evidence!

Over the almost 4 years we lived in Indy, we saw him progress through elementary and middle school, watched him play football, LaCrosse, and basketball; watched him get baptized, picked him up from school when needed, had him stay over when his parents were away and just plain saw him grow up right in front of our eyes.  The summer before he headed into high school we moved, and although we went back and visited once; we never got to see him play high school varsity football, which was one of his goals since the first day we met him!  We said, if we don't do anything else this year, we are going back to Indy to see HD play in at least one football game.  Not only did we get to see him play, but I also got to take his senior photos while I was there and having my family in front of my camera is always a complete honor for me.  He's not so little anymore, and I probably needed a step ladder; but we made do, and here's the magic that we made!

  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-1
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-3
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-4
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-5
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-7

One of the things that I admire about HD and his siblings, is these kids are some of the hardest working young adults that we know.  They probably didn't realize it, but they modeled hard work and passion for our little people every time they got on the court, went on the field, or got on stage.  That may be why we have a little competitive cheerleader over here that is so passionate about her sport, and another cheerleader in the making.  

  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-8
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-9
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-10
  • Cathedral High School Indianapolis Senior Session-11

As you can see, this kid has worked so hard in the classroom and on the field, that he earned himself a spot at Boston College.  Boston is one of the few major cities in the US that I haven't been; but you know my peeps and I will be there to root this kid on on the field and in life!  

Happy Senior year to you, HD!  Proud of you, miss ya, love ya!


Cousin/Godmom Danielle and the rest of the crew 

and ps...I couldn't not post one of the photos when we went to the Indy State Fair back in 2010! 

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