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May 2, 2017

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At the beginning of the year I was contacted by mom as they were in the final stages of preparing for the new addition to their family; a little girl, from China! The coolest thing about their new addition, was that she is 4 years old and they already have a 4- year- old son; so essentially they’d have twins! And you know what they say about twins, it’s twice the fun (most of the time, right). Fast forward a few months, and they had their baby girl, Johanna, home joining brother Jonas, who is only 5 days older, and is the perfect big brother! While I was shooting them, I was amazed at how in a few short weeks they had really bonded as a family of four, especially noticeable was the sibling bond that the two “Js” had formed. When you see how much fun these two were having together, it was obvious that they were destined to be siblings. I know the Keys are grateful to have their family complete after starting this journey a few years ago when adopting Jonas from Kyrgyzstan and I was honored to be able to document this part of their story.

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I hope you enjoyed these fun images!  This blog post is also featured on the Red Thread Sessions' blog.  If you didn't get a chance to check out their website when reading my last blog post, then this is my gentle nudge to go check out Red Thread Sessions at the link below.  I guarantee you, you will love to see the many other families that have grown through adoption.

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