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June 26, 2017

Littleton CO Maternity Photography 15

Hey friends!  I'm so excited to share this session of a Momma I met through my MOPS group.  I was honored that she asked me to do this session around this time last year.  I don't shoot a lot of maternity sessions, because the truth is, the majority of the families in my circle are done having babies!  But when I do shoot maternity sessions, I love them!!!  I love to see that excitement Mom and Dad have while they're in that last few weeks of anticipating the arrival of their little love.  I also love watching how carefree the other kiddos are because they don't know yet how much their life is going to change soon!  There was no shortage of those moments in this session.  Take a look and see.

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  • Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-2

So we had an escapee, which is not unusual with a toddler, ha!  If you look closely, you'll see that the truck "big brother" was sitting on, was crafted by one of his grandparents, which is just so cool!   I love when families brings special items that we can include in the session, as it makes it even more memorable.

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  • Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-4
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I love the lifestyle feel of this series of photos, because when you're dealing with toddlers, there is really no such thing as posed photos. And, the photos really turn out best when you just roll with it and let the family enjoy themselves and pretend like you're not even there shooting.  You'll probably have also noticed the other special item that the family brought with them, and that's the cutest little hat you've ever seen.  And you would be right if you guessed they were welcoming a baby girl, because, well the hat has pink flowers on it!

  • Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-10
  • Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-11
  • Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-12
  • Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-13

This series above, just speaks volumes, because it's the best description of life with a toddler.  You let them go play for a minute so you can have a moment alone.  They return in the middle of your moment alone, photobomb you, then they run back off.  They then return, and you give up on your moment alone and just enjoy having a toddler.... ;-)

Littleton Colorado Maternity Session-14

For some reason, I always love the very last photos of the session.  This was one of them, and it was almost a celebratory photo, because we survived!  And not only did we survive, but we captured some great memories.  That's a great way to describe the first year of welcoming a newborn home, "We survived and we captured some great memories".  Soon this family will be celebrating Baby M's 1st birthday, and I know they will look back at this session and Baby M's first year of life, exhausted, but happy!  That's how it always works right?  

See you next month!

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