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January 9, 2017

Makia Images 2016 in Photos Aurora CO Family Photography

Welcome to Makia Images, 2016 Year in Photos!  Yes, it's my annual blog post where I recap  highlights of my favorite captures from the previous year. It's the post that I am guaranteed to finish  because I have just renewed my annual goal of blogging more often.  

And of course I'll say the typical cliche statement, "I can't believe how fast (insert previous year) flew by".  And then I'll tell you that I am still writing the year 2016 on all kinds of things.  In fact, I typed it above in the date under the title, then caught myself, and corrected it!  So since I actually caught myself and corrected it without any of you having to tell me, "I'm winning." 

So before you move on to looking at the photos, one thing I love about doing this annual blog is it helps me remember how many existing friends I have that trusted me to capture them, how many new friends I've made on this journey, how hard I've worked this year to run this business and not completely lose my head, and how much I've grown as an artist.   When I step back to reflect, I am in complete amazement!  You know just 7 short years ago I was running clinics at a Children's Hospital in Fresno California - say what!  

So without further ado, highlights of Makia Images 2016 Maternity, Newborn and Family photos are below:

Maternity, Newborns & Families

  • DSC_8013 edit
  • DSC_8116
  • DSC_6217
  • DSC_6012
  • DSC_9548
  • DSC_9553-3
  • DSC_7589
  • DSC_7637-2
  • DSC_6932
  • DSC_6772
  • DSC_3456
  • DSC_3527
  • DSC_9587
  • DSC_9693
  • DSC_7602
  • DSC_7513-2
  • DSC_5989
  • DSC_6120
  • DSC_4025
  • DSC_4259
  • DSC_5259
  • DSC_4618
  • DSC_3631 edit
  • DSC_3693
  • DSC_8689-2
  • DSC_8192
  • DSC_1696
  • DSC_1913
  • DSC_9205
  • DSC_9068
  • DSC_6839
  • DSC_7183
  • DSC_6323
  • DSC_6527-2
  • DSC_2189
  • DSC_2639-2
  • DSC_1962
  • DSC_1497
  • DSC_0848 edit
  • DSC_0594
  • DSC_7131
  • DSC_7288
  • DSC_8228
  • DSC_8499

Next up, are highlights from a lovely group of Seniors and headshot clients that are each special to me for many reasons!

Seniors & Headshots

  • DSC_2199
  • DSC_2450
  • DSC_0423
  • DSC_0152
  • DSC_7236
  • DSC_7909
  • DSC_4052
  • DSC_4565
  • DSC_1245
  • DSC_1347
  • Casual Headshots at Highlands Ranch Mansion
  • DSC_2530

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little piece of the world.  This has been an epic business year, and of course an epic personal year because we survived another year of parenting girls and the selling of a house, the buying of a new house, and a cross town move with starting a new school thrown in there.  Apparently we like to keep life interesting.   But as I always say, "We can do hard things". So friends, keep doing hard things, keep trying new things and keep learning and growing!  You got this!!!!  

And see you next month!

Makia Images is a South Denver family photography business also specializing in maternity, children, lifestyle, senior and extended family session; as well as event photography. Service areas include Denver & Aurora, Colorado; other surrounding suburbs and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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