Who Knew Denver had Beaches? | Aurora Reservoir Beach Mini Session

August 28, 2017

Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-3

I'm so pumped to finally be sharing this mini session with ya'll.  I shot this sometime last fall, and staying true to my style, I have waited an entire year to go back and actually blog the session. I don't know why I waited so long to share it, because it was nothing short of gorgeous!  I met this Momma when I photographed a group of women from "Black Girls Run" celebrating their completion of the Ragnar Relay.  If you have not heard of this Relay before, look it up, because you will be nothing short of amazed at what these women accomplished running over night in the Colorado mountains. Umm, no thank you!

Of course, I digressed (again)...but this session was born out of a serious need to update their family photos.  As you can see their girls are tweens and the last time they had family photos, the girls were babies!!!!  Let that sink in, the girls were babies!!!  I'm so glad Momma called me, because I don't want folks going more than every couple of years when updating family photos! We decided to meet at Aurora Reservoir, because they spent a lot of time there.  I had been there a couple of times before with my kiddos, so I knew how fun it could be.  I beat them there and decided to scope it out a bit.  Once I got over my initial shock of the beware of Rattlesnake signs, texted my husband to let him know if I didn't make it home, then I likely had fainted somewhere in the Res from the sheer shock of seeing a Rattlesnake, I was then ready to shoot.  So let's get this party started!

Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-2
Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-4

Now, if you can believe it, they told me they were not "picture" people and they wouldn't last more than 30 minutes for a session.  After I took the first few photos, I knew that was absolutely not true at all!  The camera loved them, I loved them, the girls loved to be in front of the camera, ha!

Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-5

I always insist that Mom and Dad get at least a couple of shots in the session by themselves, and we did; and in typical kid fashion, they had to photo bomb Mom and Dad. Yep, always happens!

  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-6
  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-7
  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-11
  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-12

These girls ya'll...I just have a special place in my heart for shooting sisters that are older than my own girls.  The reason is it gives me a window into what my girls will be like and how they will treat each other when they get older.  If they enjoy each other half as much as these sisters enjoy each other, I'll be a happy Momma.

  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-8
  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-9

These pictures of the girls and each parent are just plain precious.  I do know one of each of the girls and each parent ended up on the walls, because Momma texted me a photo of their wall collages and they were amazing!

Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-13
  • Aurora Reservoir Beach Family Session-15

As the sun was setting we changed backgrounds and we were lucky enough to get the dock along with some boats in the background.  Who knew you could have a gorgeous beach session in Colorado?!  Thanks for visiting, friends and I'll see you next month!

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