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March 15, 2017


Have you ever wondered what it was like to have someone around that will document your family just being themselves?  You know, someone your kids were used to and that knew their little personalities, what kinds of activities they do for fun, what schools they go to.  Someone that could talk to them at the same time they were shooting them and could get some genuine expressions and reactions?  Well, that's what it's like to have your own Family Photographer.  A Family Photographer that has shot you for multiple sessions and some of life's biggest milestones.  

Check out the Lee Family.  This was my 4th session shooting them over the last two years and they now feel like family.  I know their kids and their little personalities and we're just plain comfortable around each other!  We even survived a major meltdown by the toddler and still got some magic.  Are you ready?!

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We were only just getting started, and I loved the expressions I was getting from the girls already!!!!

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And when you know the family you're photographing and they know you, you can move right past a tantrum like nothing ever happened!  On to the next set-ups!!!!


This one mom requested....

Highlands Ranch Mansion Fall Photo Session 15

And this one I requested since I always think mom and dad need to have at least one photo all by themselves.


And because photo shoots should be fun, we had to end the session with a game of chase, which is always fun, until someone falls of course, lol!!!  

So just to drive my point home about having your own family photographer, I'm going to share one or two of my favorite photos from the Lee Family's past sessions.  And remember, most of us photographers want to be part of your family.  We want to celebrate all.the.occasions with you; we want to get to know your family on a deeper level; we love to meet your mother in law when she visits after baby is born.  This makes each session with us all the more enjoyable, because we want each experience with us to be as memorable as the photos!

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