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February 15, 2017

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So hopefully you had a chance to read my previous blog post, which was Part I of why you should include your dog in family photos.  This blog post is a follow-up to that.  The reason I wanted to write both blogs is because the P family's situation is a bit different than the M family's situation.  

Mom contacted me for a photo session because their dog Jack had just been diagnosed with a life shortening disease.  He was still doing great, but they didn't know how much time they had left with him, so they wanted to capture some memories of Jack while he was still enjoying life, so that's exactly what we did! Well, there was a kid involved too, so we had to get some photos of him solo also, ha! I knew once he perked up after the second photo, we were good to go!

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Now it was Jack's turn, and Jack not only showed up, but he showed out!  Check out all the different faces of Jack!

  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-12
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-13
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-14

Those last couple of faces would have made me fall out of a chair laughing if I was actually sitting in a chair.  They.were.amazing.  In fact, I make those faces a lot!

  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-16
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-17
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-18
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-19

The love they shared with Jack was palpable.  He did amazing, which again, is more than I can say about our dogs. 

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I have said this frequently, and I mean it; but it is a privilege to be asked to capture these moments for families - the happy and the sad.  And unfortunately, Jack lost his battle late last year.  I was so grateful that I got to be a fly on the wall and document these memories for them; and I am also grateful that they got about 9 months with this guy, before he transitioned from this life.  I wish Jack all the open fields, all the tennis balls, and all the cats he can possibly chase in his new life.  If your pup is getting up there in age or they have limited time in this life, I'd be honored to capture those memories for you!  You can e-mail me at: makiaimages@gmail.com

See you next month! 



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