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February 1, 2017

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Oh hey!  I'm back at it, because you know it's only February and I'm completely on top of my blogging game since it's so early in the year, ha!  So my topic this month, is why you should include your dog in your family photos.  This will be a two part series, by the way, because there are so many reasons to include your furry friends in your photo session.  In fact, this year I had quite a bit of my families bring their dogs to their session.

So these are my friends, the M family.  The M family hasn't had family photos done in a while and decided it was time.  (Good decision right).  Pete the dog is a huge part of the M family's life, like many of our dogs are.  Well, Pete is getting up there in doggy years (yep, dogs get grey too), and Mom wanted to capture them all together while Pete still has some pep in his step.  And yep, he still has some pep!  You can see him in all his glory below!

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  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-4
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-5
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As you can see, Pete was super photogenic, and he does great off leash.  He dashed off once, but when mom called him, "PETER", he knew he needed to get back immediately. Now if you're wondering, you don't have to have your pup in every single pose.  Since Pete was so awesome, he either stayed with Mom and Dad while I photographed the girls, or he stayed with me and "helped out" while I photographed all of them.  Easy peasy, because remember, I'm a dog person too! Here's some favorites we got without Pete.

  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-7
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-8
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-9
  • Littleton Colorado Family and Pet Photography-10

Well friends, I hope these images convinced you that you too can have your dog in your next family photo session.  It will be a true reflection of your family and your pup will not feel left out that they didn't make it on the wall.  (Well  you know they think about these things, lol)...I can guarantee that you won't regret making that decision one bit.  Now, I just realized to include our younger dog in our next family photo session, he's going to need a few lessons with the dog trainer to improve his manners before we can make that happen. (smile).

See ya in a couple of weeks, same time, same place...

And if you want to book a session with your pup, feel free to e-mail me at makiaimages@gmail.com

Makia Images is a South Denver family photography business also specializing in maternity, children, lifestyle, senior and extended family session; as well as event photography. Service areas include Denver & Aurora, Colorado; other surrounding suburbs and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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