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January 22, 2018

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It's hard to believe that January 2018 is halfway gone already.  What in the what?  I must say, this is the first year that I haven't spent writing the wrong year every time I write the date, so I must be starting the year off right.  I know most folks released their "Best of 2017" on January 2nd (good for them), but my kids were still out of school then (longest winter break ever), and as with most things, I operate to the beat of my own drum.  So drumroll please....I am bringing you my "Makia Images' 2017 in Photos" today - January 22nd!   

2017 was a year of stretching for me.  I shot the most sessions I've ever shot in a year, to the tune of 30,000 + shutter clicks; yes we photographers keep track of that kind of stuff.  As an Associate with Becky Young Photography, I expanded my skill set to shooting Elopements and Intimate Weddings, which may be the best types of weddings ever; and I shot at the most beautiful Colorado locations this year, including Rocky Mountain National Park, Loveland Pass, and Sapphire Point.  I have grown this year in technical skills and passion for this art; and most importantly I have had fun meeting new people and hanging with some of my favorites again!  I still remain eternally grateful that my friends and clients pick me to do this "job"; and it is an honor to be able to share a couple of my favorite images from each session.  Some of these, I guarantee you will see more of later on this year as blog posts, since they were so amazing.  Enjoy!!! 


  • DSC_2280
  • DSC_2385
  • DSC_6759
  • DSC_7067
  • DSC_4847
  • DSC_5112
  • DSC_2014
  • DSC_1990
  • DSC_7306
  • DSC_7613
  • DSC_3578
  • DSC_3764
  • DSC_0130
  • DSC_0365
  • DSC_0057
  • DSC_0227
  • DSC_2977
  • DSC_2871
  • DSC_0534
  • DSC_0331
  • DSC_4367
  • DSC_4425
  • DSC_4226-3
  • DSC_4080-2
  • DSC_2698
  • DSC_2825
  • DSC_1997
  • DSC_1893
  • DSC_1728
  • DSC_1954
  • DSC_9557
  • DSC_9515-2
  • DSC_8070
  • DSC_8348
  • DSC_1151
  • DSC_1567
  • DSC_2337
  • DSC_2231
  • DSC_1083
  • DSC_3184
  • DSC_3365-2
  • DSC_5974
  • DSC_6001
  • DSC_5020
  • DSC_5235
  • DSC_3040
  • DSC_3204


  • DSC_7826
  • DSC_8189
  • DSC_5224-2
  • DSC_5395
  • DSC_3159
  • DSC_3399
  • DSC_5321
  • DSC_5323
  • DSC_7172
  • DSC_7348-2
  • DSC_2975
  • DSC_3003


  • Casual Headshots on Denver's Cherry Creek Trail
  • Casual Headshots on Denver's Cherry Creek Trail
  • DSC_3322 copy
  • DSC_3289 copy
  • DSC_6882
  • DSC_7019
  • DSC_0628-2
  • DSC_1125-2
  • DSC_0785
  • DSC_0858
  • DSC_1168
  • DSC_0491
  • DSC_0966
  • DSC_0734
  • DSC_0583
  • DSC_1303


All of my Colorado Mountain Elopements are done as an Associate Photographer with Becky Young Photography.  If you'd like to check out some of her blogposts to see what I've been up to in the mountains, here are a couple of links:

Loveland Pass Sunrise Mountain Elopement

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Occasionally I'll do something in the city (I love the urban stuff too), and you can see some of my favorites below.

  • DSC_8570-2
  • DSC_8604
  • Downtown Denver Courthouse Elopement
  • Downtown Denver Courthouse Elopement
  • DSC_9121-2

Thank you for taking a peek at what makes my heart sing!  I hope you embark on one new thing in 2018 that makes your heart sing!  And if this is your year to update your family photos, headshots, or your family is celebrating an epic birthday or anniversary, family reunion, or anything at all that deserves a celebration; call me (well, e-mail me, because I don't really talk on the phone, lol) and I would love to help you document this special time in your life.  And ps, I usually book about 6 weeks out, so don't wait until the last minute.  

See you next month!

Warmly, Danielle

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