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February 12, 2018

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Ya'll, it's February!!! How in the world did that happen after what seemed like the longest January ever?  I have to ask - how many of you got a great start to your 2018 goals/New year resolutions?  So I'm over here raising my hand, because I got through 30 days of Whole 30!  For those of you that know what this is - yes, I took a break from processed foods, sugar, dairy (except for a little creamer in my coffee) and!  I'm pretty proud of myself, but there are other things I wanted to get a start on (cleaning out my old work clothes) that I haven't even lifted a finger to get to.  But, I'm not worried, because I still have February to get to it (and March and April if I'm really slacking).

So, if one of your 2018 goals was to re-work your professional on-line image, it's not too late and this blog post is for you.  I'm specifically talking to you if any of the following apply: 

-Your current headshot is a selfie (or even worse, you have a drink in your hand or had to crop someone out)

-Your hairstyle is from the 80's 

-You are currently looking for a new career/job or are starting a business and your current headshot does not reflect the new industry you are moving to

-You don't have a headshot at all, because you are not on LinkedIn, don't have a professional FB page, etc...

You can see how this all works below, with the headshot sessions of 3 different individuals/groups, whose sessions all looked a bit different, but told their individual or group story very well.  

This is Sheree, and this is her story:  She was moving on from her corporate gig, and starting up a business in ministry in a new state.  She had already started to take on speaking jobs, and she needed headshots that represented her well.  This is what we came up with, and I think it says joyful, confident, and casual!  

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  • Denver Colorado Lifestyle Headshots_0012
  • Denver Colorado Lifestyle Headshots_01

This is Phil, and this is his story:  Phil is a successful small business owner in the marketing field.  The headshot Phill was using on his website was a selfie, that he took with a selfie stick.  Now, it was good he used a selfie stick, so his arm wasn't in it; but as a small business owner in marketing, we want Phil to put his absolute best foot forward, so we came up with these.  I think they say confident, effective, and easy to work with.  

  • Highlands Ranch Colorado Lifestyle Headshots_0004
  • Highlands Ranch Colorado Lifestyle Headshots_0002
  • Highlands Ranch Colorado Lifestyle Headshots_0001

This group is the University of Denver's Academic Advising group, and they did their session as a team building opportunity, plus everyone got an updated headshot for their academic advising website, and some fun group shots!  The individual shots along with a brief description of their education and interests allow students really get to know their academic advisor.  You would have never guessed it,  but it was like 30 degrees outside with no sun; and my shooting fingers were close to falling off BUT it was all worth it.

Denver Colorado Group Headshots_0003
Denver Colorado Group Headshots_0004
Denver Colorado Group Headshots_0002

So to wrap up, this is your gentle push to get a jump start on your career change, starting up your business, or just treating yourself with a personalized headshot session!            

Makia Images is a South Denver family photography business also specializing in maternity, children, lifestyle, senior, and extended family session; as well as event photography and urelopements.  Service areas include Denver, Colorado and surrounding suburbs; as well as Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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