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April 15, 2019

Denver Colorado Engagement Session_0001

It's officially spring ya'll!!!  Woot woot for all things spring!!!!  (I say this, although it was snowing here in Denver the day I started writing this post, so there's that).  I'm excited to bring you a couple of April blog posts featuring some lovely engagement sessions I had the privilege to photograph recently.

This particular engagement session fits perfectly within the 5 pillars by which I run my business.  Most specifically, the 3rd pillar, that I value long term connections and want to document your family's and extended family's milestones.  I've known the soon-to-be groom's mom for a few years and my husband has known her even longer.  When we moved to the Denver area she and her husband graciously hosted our family over their house a number of times and we just clicked because they are good, good people, that treat you like family and are willing to help at the drop of a hat.  So naturally, when I got the chance to photograph their son and future daughter-in-laws engagement session and their engagement party I was pumped because these are the kinds of connections I love; long term connections which allow me to document your family's milestones.  Since I felt like I knew J and H before I even met them in person, this session was a winner even before I started clicking my camera!  Check out the magic we made together at Lair o' the Bear in Morrison, Colorado.  

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Denver Colorado Engagement Session_0005

So how's that for just the start of our session?!  Did I mention that the only reason that I had never met J + H before our session is because they actually live in the Midwest!  J and I laughed and laughed at H because she thought she was going to be so cold during the session, and we had to remind her that this was Colorado and most fall days we can get away with not wearing a jacket.  She quickly realized that we were right and just embraced the Colorado sunset in case you couldn't tell by the capture above. ^^

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Denver Colorado Engagement Session_0008

So if you're wondering how we got all these great expressions, it's because we chatted, joked around, and didn't take ourselves too seriously. I asked them their "how they met story" and their "how the proposal went story" because I just love hearing those stories.  Ummm, but who doesn't love hearing those stories?!  

  • Lair o the Bear Morrison Colorado Engagement Session_0001
  • Lair o the Bear Morrison Colorado Engagement Session_0002

And because I'm nosey, I always like to know who picked out the ring, and H's ring is a gorgeous one, which you can see below. 

  • Lair o the Bear Morrison Colorado Engagement Session_0005
  • Lair o the Bear Morrison Colorado Engagement Session_0006
  • Lair o the Bear Morrison Colorado Engagement Session_0007

We played until after sunset and then a few days later I got to spend time with them again capturing their engagement party.  Loved meeting the rest of their family and friends and playing a small role during this special time in their lives.  J + H, enjoy your countdown to the wedding!

Lair o the Bear Morrison Colorado Engagement Session_0009

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And if you know someone that's engaged and they need an engagement photo session, send 'em my way!  Oh, And see ya next month!

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