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February 27, 2019

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As I kick off my second blog post of the year, I'm excited to showcase some of the personalized headshot sessions I photographed last year.  February is the perfect month to focus on headshots, because so many of us are still hard at work on those New Year Resolutions; one of which is likely to update your on-line presence with a new headshot.  Now, to many of us, spending 30 minutes in front of a camera by our lonesome, sounds like the worst form of torture that exists. Even little 'ole me, that doesn't mind being in front of the camera, cringes at the thought of having someone focus on me non-stop for 30 minutes.  And when I think about my last headshot session with one of my photographer friends, I remember distinctly what made it most enjoyable and that was walking around the RiNo area of Denver exploring, being pretty relaxed, having a great time laughing and getting some photos in between.  When she delivered the photos to me I loved them because I had such great memories of the experience; plus she did a great job technically with composition and lighting and all that other important stuff.  Which leads me to this...if you're going to invest in new headshots, make sure your photographer can make you feel comfortable and is enjoyable to be with! 

My goal in every single session I shoot - to make your session relaxed and fun so you feel comfortable, enjoy the process and are not excessively focused on the outcome. This is so important to me that this is the 1st pillar of my business. If you recall, from my blog post last month, I have these 5 pillars that make my business tick and this 1st pillar may be the most important.  I firmly believe that if there's one thing I can guarantee, it's if you have good memories of your session, it will be reflected in your photos, and you will love them!  So let's see what kind of results we're able to get when you do a personalized headshot session in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.  

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So this is Ms. C and I did her senior photos.  I have known her now for as long as we've been in the Denver area, and she is a fabulous nanny, as well as a hard working student.  She needed updated personalized headshots for some modeling side gigs she wanted to pick up and I was honored she asked me to do it.  Given the nature of what she needed her headshots for, I wanted to make sure she was relaxed and we had fun.  We chatted a lot about my girls because we needed all the distractions we could get to try and forget it was like 20 degrees outside, brrrr....  And even though we had to fight through the weather, I love what we did here.

  • Aurora Colorado Personalized Headshot Session_0001
  • Aurora Colorado Personalized Headshot Session_0002

This is Ms. J, and she lives in a nearby neighborhood and she needed personalized headshots because she was jumping into a new career as a realtor.  I could totally relate to her because I too made the transition from one career to another, so I was able to speak to the excitement and challenges that come with making this transition all while we were shooting.  Ms. J and I had a lot of fun because we found that we had a lot in common, plus we got to explore all of Southlands Mall in Aurora, which is actually a great location for an early morning session (who knew?)!

  • Denver Colorado Personalized Headshot Session_0001
  • Denver Colorado Personalized Headshot Session_0003

This is Ms. A, and I met her through a friend we have in common, so I already felt like I knew her a little bit.  The thing we bonded over, her stepping out from her existing role as a therapist in a group practice and starting her own private practice. For anyone that has ever started their own business, you know how challenging that can be and it helps tremendously to share what you're going through with someone that has been through it or is currently going through it.  So needless to say, we had a ton to chat about since I've been there and done that and we chatted, all while we enjoyed the beauty of Standley Lake Regional Park in Westminster.  

  • Highlands Ranch Colorado Personalized Headshot Session_0001
  • Highlands Ranch Colorado Personalized Headshot Session_0002

And lastly, this is Ms. M.  We know her family through cheer and I enjoyed hearing about the start of her college journey at CU Boulder last year.  As a freshman, she landed an amazing internship with one of our Colorado senators, so she needed personalized headshots to start her new role. I hadn't seen Ms. M. in a while, so it was great to get caught up and see how she was enjoying college life, and it also gave me a chance to remember the excitement I experienced when I went away for my first internship between my junior and senior year of college. I love how Ms. M's session turned out, and we had the added benefit of shooting her session at Highlands Ranch Mansion, which is easily one of my favorite places to shoot, as it never gets old.  

I hope I have convinced you how important it is to find a photographer that will put you at ease, be flexible, and someone with whom you can have fun with during your headshot session.  If I'm your girl, then drop me an email at: and let's chat.  If you want to see more of my personalized headshot work, check out this blog post from last year!  Starting off 2018 with a New Headshot

See you next month!

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