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January 6, 2020

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Hey friends!!!  It's been a while since I've blogged, since the end of July to be exact, but I'm so excited to jump back into blogging, and I'm even more excited to say in my best Barbara Walters voice, "and".  I'm simultaneously questioning how we got to 2020, and at the same time I'm in awe at all that has happened during this decade.  Some of my highlights from the decade include:

-Quit my full time job in healthcare to take advantage of a move for our family from the west coast to the midwest - and lasting through 4 entire midwest winters, haha

-Took advantage of finally living in the same city with my first cousin and her family and doing life with them for four years

-Welcomed our last little bitty into our family, making it complete

-Officially started my photography business in the Indianapolis area (I affectionately call it Indy)

-Became a cheer mom (which I never quite imagined), but my kids love the sport and thus, so do we!

-Moved to Denver, thus re-starting said photography business

-Welcomed a puppy (unplanned) into the family to join old grumpy dog, thus extending his life another 3 years

-Trained for 6 months with an amazing coaching team and completed my first and only Open Water Triathlon

-Moved again to a completely different neighborhood across town

-Said goodbye to old grumpy dog that had been with us since we got married in 2005

And sooo much more...(I'm sure I'll think of something else as I'm writing this blog post); but needless to say, that my annual "Best of" post is especially meaningful this year because I am proud of myself for using this decade to jump in with both feet and turn my passion for photography into a business and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to start over a couple of years later in a new place and build on what I started.  So without any further ado, I present to you my best of 2019!  

If you were in front of my camera this year, you are in here; if you referred someone to me this year, they are in here; and if next year is your year for family photos, an engagement, or any other special milestones,  then pay close attention for ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your time in front of the camera.


Before I share some highlights from both my full length family sessions and my family mini-sessions, I thought I'd give you a taste of what clients experience when we work together:

Family Client: "Girl, you did a fantastic job with the pictures.  They truly are the most beautiful pictures of our family ever!  We timed it right!!!  The colors are perfect, but obviously, we just love you and and are so comfortable with you and it comes through in the pics.  I think we're going to go ahead and get the entire gallery!"

Mini Session Client: Danielle, you are AMAZING, as usual!  With the way he started, I wasn't sure what we were going to end up with. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I'm sure we will see you in 2020!

  • DSC_9271
  • DSC_9428
  • DSC_0292
  • DSC_0828
  • DSC_5675
  • DSC_5693
  • DSC_6983-2
  • DSC_6776
  • DSC_1123
  • DSC_1336
  • DSC_3965
  • DSC_4534
  • DSC_7427
  • DSC_7591
  • DSC_7040
  • DSC_7057
  • DSC_4228
  • DSC_4433
  • DSC_9700
  • DSC_9850
  • DSC_1771
  • DSC_1931
  • DSC_8303
  • DSC_8404-2
  • DSC_7786
  • DSC_7856
  • DSC_8681
  • DSC_8725
  • DSC_8872
  • DSC_9364
  • DSC_9603
  • DSC_9605
  • DSC_2343
  • DSC_2721
  • DSC_9994
  • DSC_0049
  • DSC_9171
  • DSC_9265


I had the best mix of seniors this year, some I have known for the last few years, and some I just met this year that were referred to me.  I enjoyed getting to know my newbies and also getting to see the kiddos that I know in a different light.  Here's what one of my new families said about their experience.

Senior Client: OMG Danielle!!!  You are incredible!!! They are all so beautiful!!!  Thank you so much!!!!  I will look at them together with A and my husband and decide what else we will purchase.  WOW!!!  Awesome!!!!

  • DSC_7198
  • DSC_7587
  • DSC_7817
  • DSC_2300 edit
  • DSC_2554-2
  • DSC_2569
  • DSC_6133
  • DSC_6291
  • DSC_6529
  • DSC_1500
  • DSC_1850 edit
  • DSC_2028
  • DSC_2378
  • DSC_2435
  • DSC_2755-2
  • DSC_3285
  • DSC_3642
  • DSC_3764
  • DSC_6335-2
  • DSC_6576
  • DSC_6777
  • DSC_7996
  • DSC_8257
  • DSC_8527
  • DSC_4220
  • DSC_4381
  • DSC_4693


This may sound a little strange, but group headshot sessions are some of my favorite types of sessions.  The reason is I get to meet and chat with a lot of different people on the same team.  Each team member has their own unique interests, talents, background and best of all sense of humor because you know I'm always up for a good laugh!  And believe me, I try to get all of this out of them in the 10 or so minutes we have together!  I also love to do some fun all group shots if team members have on comfortable clothes that allow them to have a little fun! Here's what one of my group headshot clients e-mailed me after her team's session:

Group Headshot Client: Thank you so much!  You are so talented and all of the individual and group photos came out beautiful.  I appreciate you!

  • DSC_3025
  • DSC_3203
  • DSC_3526
  • DSC_3772
  • DSC_3094
  • DSC_4929
  • DSC_4952
  • DSC_4585
  • DSC_3966
  • DSC_5812
  • DSC_1988
  • DSC_1901
  • DSC_9432
  • DSC_9469


And last but not least, my lovely wedding clients were amazing this year and had the best friends and family members with hearts of gold.  They made the long days on my feet fun and enjoyable!  My lovely friend Jessica (yes we're friends now, ha) had this to say about their experience with me.

Thank you so much, Danielle! We love them! Again, my friends and family adored you and your energy! We will definitely be referring you often :) thank you again!

  • Christies of Genesee Bride Getting Ready
  • Christies of Genesee Bride Getting Ready
  • Christies of Genesee Bride Getting Ready
  • Christies of Genesee Bridesmaid Portraits
  • Fun Bridesmaid Portrait at Christies of Genesee
  • Bridesmaids Group Photos at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • Groomsmen Portrait at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • Groomsmen Portraits at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • Wedding Ceremony at Christies of Genesee
  • Extended Family Portrait at Christies of Genesee
  • Jumping Wedding Party Portrait at Christies of Genesee
  • Bride and Groom Portrait at Christies of Genessee
  • Bride and Groom Portraits at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • Wedding Cake at Christies of Genesee
  • Wedding Toast at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • First Dance at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • Father Daughter Dance at Christies of Genesee Wedding
  • _Jessica + Carlos Venue3
  • _Jessica + Carlos Groom Photos17
  • _Jessica + Carlos Bride Photos16
  • _Jessica + Carlos Bride Photos46
  • _Jessica + Carlos Ceremony Photos88
  • _Jessica + Carlos Family Photos17
  • _Jessica + Carlos Bride and Groom Photos32-2
  • _Jessica + Carlos Bride and Groom Photos72
  • _Jessica + Carlos Reception Photos93
  • _Jessica + Carlos Reception Photos117
  • _Jessica + Carlos Reception Photos134
  • _Emily + Sammy Bride Getting Ready8
  • _Emily + Sammy Bride Getting Ready44
  • _Emily + Sammy Bride Getting Ready51
  • _Emily + Sammy Groom Getting Ready5
  • _Emily + Sammy Groom Getting Ready35
  • _Emily + Sammy First Look40
  • _Emily + Sammy Bridesmaid Photos3
  • _Emily + Sammy Bridesmaid Photos15
  • _Emily + Sammy Bridesmaid Photos67
  • _Emily + Sammy Groomsmen Photos6
  • _Emily + Sammy Groomsmen Photos31
  • _Emily + Sammy Groomsmen Photos50
  • _Emily + Sammy Bridal Party Photos23
  • _Emily + Sammy Ceremony Photos196
  • _Emily + Sammy Family Photos30
  • _Emily + Sammy Family Photos34
  • _Emily + Sammy Bride + Groom Photos40
  • _Emily + Sammy Reception Photos87-2
  • _Emily + Sammy Reception Photos131

This season I have had a chance to carry out all the principles that are important to me and that make this business uniquely me.  

-We have had fun together at sessions

-I have documented the real - up to and including the toddler tantrum and the sassy kindergartner faces

-I have had the opportunity to maintain long term connections with my clients by photographing the siblings of former senior clients, past family clients whose kids are now seniors, and repeat clients that I have known for the last 4-5 years and have grown up so much!  

-And finally I have loved getting texts and e-mails showing off your photos hanging on your walls and on your Holiday cards!  You are proudly displaying your photos and not leaving them trapped on a device somewhere. You should be proud of the family you have created and I am honored to have capture it alongside of you.

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If you are still reading - you are a rockstar!  So I want to leave you with this...I want you to know that I am right there with you when it comes to ensuring my family and I get our here and now documented so my kids will have these memories to treasure. We had our photos done at the very end of summer by my very talented friend Michele with One L.  We had so much fun that I knew I was going to love our photos .  Remember friends, if you love the process you will love the outcome.  Welcome to the new decade.  Make the most of it!

See ya next month!

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